I primarily work on building intelligent solutions to existing business problems using Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies. Here are few services I offer to medium scale businesses and industries.

Revenue Estimation

Revenue (or even loss) of any sales, manufacturing or service oriented business can be predicted using historical data of cost factors such as raw material procurement, manufacturing, purchase, human resources, travel & electricity, marketing & advertisement. Predicting the future revenue/loss greatly helps the business owner to make better decisions on time

Customer Segmentation

Market Segmentation can group the customers based on Geographic (country, region, state, city, etc), Demographic (socio-economic factors such as class, gender, race, age, occupation, income etc) Cultural (education, cultural origin, language, religion, race), Behavioural (attitude towards something, usage rate, and performance), Psychographic (activities, interests, and opinions) factors.

Product Recommendation & Personalization

Personalized recommendation focuses on individual customer's interests and preferences by giving them customized or tailored products, services, offers. This eventually increases both the customer satisfaction and the number of loyal, returning customers.

Targeted Advertising

Successful advertisement campaigns can be executed by targetting specific users, group or region with certain traits which are demography (focusing on race, economic status, sex, age, generation, level of education, income level, and employment) or psychography (based on the consumer values, personality, attitude, opinion, lifestyle and interest).

Market Planning & Site Selection

Location is 'everything' for running a profitable business. New site can be selected with help of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) by examining multiple locations based on factors such as accessibility to resources, competitor locations, rental costs, land value etc. GIS also helps to understand sales hotspots for an existing business.

Risk Analysis

Forecasting risks involving in a business decision, investment or insurance approval can save huge amount of money. Risks can be in the form of human health, accidents, natural disasters, brand reputation. Risk Analysis helps the business owners to identify and manage potential risks involved in a decision.

Fraud Detection

Banks and Financial Industries experience millions dollars of losses & damages every year due to rapidly growing frauds. AI-based fraud detection technology can easily detect hidden and implicit correlation, work on data in real-time, reduce verification measures at the same time.

Transportation Optimization

Manufacturing & Exporting companies spend majority of funding on travel expenses. Transportation Optimzation analyzes existing shipments, rates, taxes & constraints to generate realistic load plans which can reduce overall freight spend across entire transportation networks

Computer Vision

Computer Vision helps to perform high-level understanding from digital images, videos or any visual sensor data. Those high-level tasks are Object Detection & Segmentation, Instance Recognition, Image Quality Enhancement, Pose Estimation, Motion Detection, Optical Character Recognition, Image Generation, and Saliency Detection.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing focuses on processing textual data available in the forms of digital, audio, visual. NLP is used for Text Detection (from images using OCR, audio using ASR), Classification, Translation, Named Entity Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Q&A Systems, Chatbots, Text Generation, and Natural Language Understanding.

Speech & Audio Analysis

Speech & Audio Analysis automates the processing of any audio (speech and sounds). The applications include Automatic Speech Recognition, Voice Identification, Emotion Recognition, Sound Classification, Speech Sythesis, Noise Removal, Audio Reconstruction, and Sound Generation.

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Dr. Sridhar Swaminathan

AI Expert, Data Scientist & Assistant Professor




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